• Import invoice
• Optimize delivery plan with constraints
– Time window
– Resource available
– Vehicle capacity (Weight, Volume)
– Minimize transport cost
• Automatic truck scheduling
• GIS map for route network
• Pallet stowing
• Estimate number of truck
• Operation & analysis reports


• Enable real-time vehicle monitoring on vector digital map
• Historical retrieve and simulate recorded data on any selected time
• Enable vehicle speed control ,visible changing color of the over-speed vehicle on screen
• Automatic alert System by SMS
• Enable user to add specific signs or customer locations in the digital map
• Enable grouping of vehicles in the fleet,showing status (on-off,stops,etc.)
• Enable retrieve and report for operation
• Monitoring and analysis of driver behavior
• Monitoring and analysis of vehicle utilisation
• Enable to remote configuration as transfer frequency between AVL and control centre
• Enable user to remotely control the AVL unit to on/off any device interface as key switch ,siren